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PHOENICS provides an accurate, reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use tool to simulate processes involving fluid flow, heat or mass transfer, chemical reaction and/or combustion in engineering equipment and the environment. With the longest history of validation and a large user base, it is not surprising that PHOENICS has a proven track record in nearly every branch of science and engineering in which fluid flow plays a key role... Learn More




PHOENICS-CVD is an integrated software system designed to simulate the behaviour of a wide range of CVD reactors; this involves the modelling of fluid flow and heat transfer in a multi-component gas, including both gas-phase (homogeneous) and surface (heterogeneous) chemical reactions and incorporating plasma effects. Learn More



FLAIR was created for architects, design engineers and safety officers concerned with the performance of air-flow systems for the built environment. The software is self-contained for model set-up and result analysis.

FLAIR enables users to visualize, evaluate and refine air-flow patterns on a micro- or macro-scale within a room, throughout a building, around a building-complex, within tunnels or in any other structure of this nature. FLAIR enables users to check on environmental, or ventilation, flows before embarking on costly construction.  Learn More..

Electrolytic SmelTER


Simulation model of a reduction cell

ESTER (Electrolytic SmelTER) is a special-purpose adaptation of the general-purpose fluid flow and heat transfer code PHOENICS, developed specifically for the simulation of multi-anode electrolytic smelters of the Hall-cell type. It uses a variant of the standard PHOENICS pre- and post-processors for data input and graphical display. Learn more...

Flair Datacenter

Phoenics/FLAIR Datacenter

Phoenics/FLAIR Datacenter

CFD analysis performs a vital role within data center design, management and operational processes. CFD helps maximize the performance of cooling and ventilation systems, model the impact of additional loading and equipment distribution, and investigate emergency shut-down scenarios.

Flair Data center software, incorporates standard and product-specific objects for high- and low-density cabinets, racks, servers, PDU´s, CRAC´s and ACU´s, as well as fans, diffusers and emergency fire suppression measures. Under-floor ventilation systems, cabling ducting, permeable and semi-permeable floor tiling are all taken into consideration, plus ceiling vents, grilles, extracts and recirculation systems. Learn more...

Phoenics wind tunnel

Automated CAD files

For the majority of people involved in motorsport it is not practical or cost effective to take cars or motorcycles to a full scale wind tunnel. PHOENICS VWT (Virtual Wind Tunnel) was created as a practical tool for modelling aerodynamic flows. The software simulates the flow of air over a vehicle and calculates all important lift, drag and centre of lift information as well as providing a visual output of the air flow.

PHOENICS is a wind tunnel on YOUR PC

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